Knowledge Partners Patent Professional Corporation


All of the staff members at Knowledge Partners are nominated by customers to receive requests.

Wataru Iwakami

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Equipment control
  • Communications
  • Image processing
  • Machinery
  • Materials

M.S. in Engineering, Nagoya University
Qualified as a patent attorney (2000)

Mr. Iwakami entered the Graduate School with the highest score and studied solid state physics.
After completing the graduate school, he started working for a domestic patent firm and then incorporated Knowledge Partners in 2007.

He is in charge of domestic and foreign patent procedures in the fields of information processing, measuring instruments, machinery, etc.
He specializes in patent prosecution for inventions that utilize advanced physics and mathematics.
He gained the trust of a major client for the latest technology such as AI.
Mr. Iwakami is ranked among the top 5% of the over 200 people evaluated in the patent engineer evaluations of the major domestic electronics manufacturers, and is typically nominated to write on the most important matters.
He also has experience with trial decision cancellation litigation cases, as an instructor, and with design and trademark work.

His hobbies are reading and programming.

Satoshi Shimizu

  • Machinery
  • Equipment Control
  • Communication
  • Information Processing
  • Image Processing
  • Artificial Intelligence

Graduated from Waseda University, Faculty of Science and Engineering, Department of Mechanical Engineering
Registered as Patent Attorney (2022)

As a production technology engineer at an automobile manufacturer, engaged in improving quality, productivity, and yield of four-wheeled vehicles and launching new models.
Engaged in patent prosecution mainly in Japan and abroad at a domestic patent firm.
As an intellectual property manager at an automobile parts manufacturer, engaged mainly in invention discovery, prosecution of patents, designs, and trademarks in Japan and abroad, and various types of research work.
In 2024, he joined Knowledge Partners.
His motto is to take advantage of his practical experience at a manufacturer to fully understand the client’s intentions and to continue to produce output that exceeds expectations.

T. A.

  • Equipment control
  • Communications
  • Image processing
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Machinery

B.S. in Information Science, Ritsumeikan University

She worked on developing software for various digital home electronics products at a major electronics manufacturer.
She joined Knowledge Partners in 2007 after working at a domestic patent office.

She assists in domestic and foreign patent procedures in the field of information processing (computer control, image processing, Human Machine Interfaces (HMI), and networks).
She is a practitioner who is adept at understanding technologies exactly, and then clearly documenting that understanding. She is highly regarded by our customers from major companies.